Welcome to my web site.


Lapsoft Jan, 2018

Welcome to my website. I am a computer support/software developer.
My current free software programs are:

  • DeletePicsOnSDCard
  • RestoreMyComputer
  • WindowsISOWatch
  • BackupEx
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    Dee Why

    DeletePicsOnSDCard DeletePicsOnSDCard                            Download DeletePicsOnSDCard...

    Windows application, Jan , 2018

    Deletes pictures in the DCIM folder of an SD card after first copying them to a prescribed folder on your computer (e.g.. Pictures) freeing the card to be used again.

    • Optionally delete the local copy of pictures after a number of months.
    • Display thumbnails of the pictures before deletion. Click on the picture to open in windows default viewer.
    • Show errors encountered in the deletion process.
    • Undo button to reverse the deletion.

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    Snow Gums

    RestoreMyComputer RestoreMyComputer                            Download RestoreMyComputer...

    Windows application, Sep , 2015

    Restores Windows computers to a previous date. Easier to use than Control Panel.

    • Full list of available Restore Points.
    • No need to use Control Panel. No special knowledge required.
    • Go back to the original date if necessary.
    • Restore computer struck by virus.
    • Does not affect Documents folder.

    Club Lake Creek

    WindowsISOWatch WindowsISOWatch Icon                            Download WindowsISOWatch...

    Windows application, Dec , 2019

    WindowsISOWatch - watches Windows ISO backup (ie. your whole computer or C:\ drive) shows a pie chart of remaining space and alerts the user when only 10% or less free space is available.

    • Finds Windows backup in TaskScheduler.
    • Checks days to last backup and whether backup was successfull.
    • Display result of backup with icons.
    • Flashes a pie chart showing % remaining free bytes (if lower than 10%).
    • Option to start WindowsISOWatch on computer restart.
    • Telltale (I am alive) blinking icon.


    Club Lake Creek

    BackupEx BackupEx                            Download BAckupEx...

    Windows application, Jan , 2018

    Backup Executive - backs up specified folders on Windows computers an optionally keeps versions. Emails results to the user.

    • Backup selected folders.
    • Use Window's ShadowCopy to copy blocked files.
    • Display result of backup with icons.
    • Email results to a specified user.
    • Tooltip details of the last backup for each folder.
    • Icon showing a pie chart of allocated storage used.
    • Telltale (I'm allive) blinking icon.
    • Optionally keeps versions of specified extensions. folder.


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